The Kaohsiung City Government Education Bureau handles the 2019 Flip Kaohsiung ‧ Education Festival Implementation Plan

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1. According to the "2019 Inverted Kaohsiung ‧ Education Festival Implementation Plan" of this Council.

Second, in 106 years, the Bureau will handle the first course fair first in the country, and continue to be enthusiastic in 107 years, expand the participation in the education stage, and join hands with tertiary schools and community colleges.

International education attracts 3,000 teachers and students from all over the country; the 108-year curriculum expo enters the third year, except for the enthusiasm and home of teachers for the first two years

In addition to the long-term participation, students' performance is more important. Students are allowed to show every school in Kaohsiung. They are all good schools.

The goodness of the male can be seen by more people, and together they will ignite the perpetual fire for the students' learning.

Third, the content of the project is as follows:

(1) The third-level school teachers will teach in public: from April 22 (Monday) to May 24 (Friday), teachers from all over the world will be invited to the city.

Open classes and exchange courses.

(2) Public teaching of teachers at the third level: from April 22 (Monday) to May 24 (Friday), the city's tertiary schools (including schools under the jurisdiction)

The teacher opens the classroom and prepares the community through the course to conduct public observation classes.

(3) The principal of the third-grade school is openly taught: from April 22 (Monday) to May 24 (Friday), the city's tertiary school (including the school)

Through the same school or cross-curricular curriculum, the long-term community will conduct public viewing activities.

(4) Flip and adaptability of the new curriculum: On April 26, 2008 (Friday), the city's national tutors will be invited to high school through lectures and course sharing.

The school's characteristic development and curriculum planning are exchanged and discussed.

(5) 2019 flipping Kaohsiung Education Festival: During the period from April 27 (Saturday) to April 28 (Sunday), the education forum will be held and the third-level school will be invited.

Handling the static results of the featured courses and the results presentation of the National Primary and Secondary Schools, dynamic lectures, experience courses and parent-to-child talks.

(6) "Collective Memory of the Island" Triennial - Seeing the Truth: During the period from May 3rd (Friday) to May 4th (Saturday), invited teachers from participating schools

Carry out course sharing, promote curriculum exchange and curriculum design module promotion, and help more schools to develop distinctive island connotations.

(7) "I am the future of the city" Master Forum: On May 25, 2008 (Saturday), students of the third-grade school will be arranged in a briefing or short-term manner.

Expectations for a beautiful city or educational scene.

(8) "Study Market" My Learning Ability: On May 25, 2008 (Saturday), the vocational school was invited to use the market as a group member and a national master.

Through the display and interaction of the works, presenting their own learning process.

(9) The 1st Annual Conference on the Exploration and Implementation of Natural Subjects: On April 21, 2008 (Sunday), through the master lectures, short courses and experience courses, the national

Explore and interact with teachers and parents who are interested in a platform to stimulate more teaching dynamism and curriculum modules.

(10) Our literacy road~Teaching and learning series workshop: from April 25th (Thursday) to April 26th (Friday), in the form of workshops,

Enhance teachers' ability to design courses and truly implement student-centered education by sharing the knowledge of developing new curriculum maps.

Fourth, please help you to promote the public knowledge (see 2019 flipping Kaohsiung fan page and the whole education network), and benefit the attending staff public (poor) false registration.

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