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First, in order to generally improve the computational thinking quality of Chinese college students, and strengthen the national participation in digital economic development, the Ministry of Education incorporates programming education into higher education.
Promote the goal of “Improving Teaching Quality and Implementing Teaching Innovation” in the deep-plowing plan, and set clear performance indicators. In addition to the project plan, the department pays attention to the start of each school.
In addition, the National University of Political Science is entrusted to form a "Promoting University Programming Teaching Project" team to encourage and support schools to develop programming education.
Promote curriculum maps for students in strategy and non-information fields, through the design of life-based and customized textbooks, the creation of teachers' communities and the exchange of experiences and improvement
Students learn motivations and effects, taking into account the quality and effectiveness of programming.
Second, according to the above, this exchange meeting is held in the form of special lectures, special seminars, short-term topics, etc., aiming to form a domestic non-information field student programming.
Teacher community, sharing teaching experience.
3. Participants: Scholars, teachers and supervisors in the field of programming and teaching in colleges and universities across the country are given priority. Due to the limited number of places, each school enrolled a person with 1
~3 is the principle, please take the priority of being able to participate in the event.
Fourth, event information (details please read the event description):
(1) Date: Monday, August 26, 108
(2) Time: 10 am to 5 pm
(III) Venue: Zhongzheng Memorial Hall, 2nd Floor, City Department, Tamkang University (near Dongmen MRT Station, No. 5, Lane 199, Jinhua Street, Daan District, Taipei City)
V. Registration method:
(1) To register for this event, please register at the following address: https://bit.ly/2GF1Pi5.
(2) The registration period will be closed from now until August 20 (Tuesday) at 17:00, and the total number of events will be 200. Please register in the morning.
(3) For information on the event and registration, please contact Miss Zhang Xiaoya of the Project Office (Tel: 02-29387671, E-mail: connie@nccu.ed)
U.tw) and Miss Liu Shuzhen (phone: 02-29387670, E-mail: lau@nccu.edu.tw).
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