The Academia Sinicas Knowledge Feast - August Science Lecture is scheduled to be held at the Academic Activity Center of the Academy on the evening of August 27 (Tuesday).

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1. The purpose of the event was hosted by Vice President Huang Jinxing, and invited the researcher of the Institute of Sociology of the Institute, Yi Qingchun, to give a lecture: "Into adulthood: Taiwanese youth
Turning to the social context and growth of adults (1999-2019)" (Event posters are attached). Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm on August 27, the location is for the hospital
Conference Room 2, 2nd Floor, Academic Activity Center.
Second, the registration method (August 26 deadline)
(1) Those who have registered online for this event will be able to enter the personal website after they have received the invitation letter from the hospital;
If there is any change, please update to this website.
(2) For the first time participants, please go to the website: https://goo.gl/vbBJZq to register.
Third, the registration is successful and you can enjoy the following special offers at the scene:
(1) Answering the online questionnaire to get a beautiful gift for each person.
(2) Free admission to the hospital during the event (please inform the guards on your own initiative).
(3) Public service personnel and teachers sign in to obtain lifelong learning or study hours certification for 2 hours.
4. There will be audio and video live broadcast service on the same day, website: https://reurl.cc/DGEbE.
V. Contact the special line: Miss Wu Peixiang, the Secretariat of the Institute, (02) 2789-9726.
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