National Experimental Research Institute i CASE2019 Seminar (International Conference on Astronautics and Space Exploration 2019)

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1. The "International Conference on Astronautics and Space Exploration 2019" is mainly aimed at
1. Space Technology Development 2. Data Value-added Applications and Services 3. Space Policy and Management 4. Taiwan's space industry promotion and other four major issues invite domestic and foreign experts and scholars to enter
Line discussion.
Second, in order to encourage more people to play a creative role in space programs and encourage domestic and foreign students to actively participate in space science and technology related research, this conference specially held
The Square Satellite Mission Design Competition (detailed poster 1) and the “Student Paper Competition” (detailed poster 2) allow students to generate higher space in the process of participation.
   interest of.
3. The deadline for submission of the activities of this seminar and the submission information please refer to the website (http://www.nspo.narl.org.tw/iCASE/2019/index.shtml
(1) "Cubic Satellite Mission Design Competition", please contact (03) 5784208 to 7105 Dr. Lin Xinjia.
(2) "Student Paper Competition", please contact (03) 5784208 to 9478 Dr. Xiao Junjie.
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