New Taipei City Government Education Bureau New North City 108 Years of Learning Support (original remedial teaching) - National Middle School non-current teacher empowerment study activities implementation plan

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1. According to the “National Primary School and National Secondary School Learning Support Implementation Plan” and the “Ministry of Education and the Pre-school Education Department for the National Primary School and National Middle School Students”
Study and support assignments and "New Taipei City Learning Support Program".
Second, in order to enhance the effectiveness of learning and support, we can enhance the teaching and diagnosis ability and professional knowledge of the teaching aid teachers through this study course, and shorten the students with low academic achievement.
Learning gaps show education justice.
3. We would like to invite all colleges and universities to transfer information about the student's intentional activities in the second year of the university (including the Institute) who are willing to serve as the city's learning support teachers.
Assist in the management of the canal.
4. Please inform the municipal high schools of the city to transfer to the junior college students (including the trainee teachers) and other teaching staff who are the support teachers (for example, have relevant college departments).
The people of the academic qualifications are required to disclose the information of the event and ask for assistance in the registration process.
V. The relevant information of this study is outlined below. Please read the implementation plan for the rest of the matters:
(1) Study time: August 14 (Wednesday) to August 16 (Friday).
(II) Location: Banqiao National Middle School, Banqiao District, New Taipei City (No. 437, Zhongzheng Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City).
(3) Application method: The school is a unit, from 9:00 am on Wednesday, July 24, 2008 to 4 pm on August 2, 2008 (Friday).
The staff will be unified into the Banqiao Guozhong Homepage [New Taipei City 108 Years of Learning and Supporting Energizing and Learning Activities Registration] After the registration, the registration number will be directly printed.
The registration form will be scanned and uploaded into the registration system (PDF format) after being checked by the relevant personnel in the school. It will be completed after the completion of the review by Banqiao Guozhong.
Registration matters.
6. This Council agreed to approve the public holidays and class assignments of the city's teachers who are working as lecturers. The profit-making course went smoothly.
VII. This Council agreed to approve the public holidays and the school affairs during the study period of the staff of the municipal Banqiao National Middle School. The profit-making activities proceeded smoothly.
8. If there are any questions in this case, please contact Yang Jiaxin, the leader of the Municipal Board of Education in Banqiao, Tel: (02)29666498/29666450/29662989
Extension 2101.
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