The National Chengchi University handles the online course of the Grinders in November, 107, and will open online registration from now on.

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1. This time, a total of two courses will be offered, namely, "Become the first lesson of Python AI in-depth learning" and "Flip Gender Education".
Fees can be replayed for review and practice.
Second, the pre-examination course is set on the platform of the school's grinder, please learn to register with the original personal account (http://moocs.nccu.edu.tw), after registration
The optional course is completed, and the course can be completed and the online proof of attendance can be obtained (see the course website).
Third, the course introduction:
(1) Course Name: Becoming the first lesson of Python AI deep learning.
1. Instructor: Teacher Cai Yanlong.
2. Course URL: http://moocs.nccu.edu.tw/course/165/intro
(2) Course Name: Flip gender education.
1. Instructor: Teacher Zhou Zhuyu.
2. Course URL: http://moocs.nccu.edu.tw/course/164/intro
Fourth, the contact window: the teaching development of the school Mr. Yang Zongqi, Tel: 02-29393091 ext. 62176, e-mail: derek@nccu.edu.tw.
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