Registration Section



1. Accoding to our Study Regulation Article 3, students should report their correct information for the student status including full name, birth place, birth date, ID number, phone number, address, and etc. The steps for checking the student status and report English name (same as the passport), please refer to the attachment.

2.  Accoding to our Study Regulation Article 4, new students should finish the registration procedure by the require date or would be disqualified. Presenting the academic certificate is also required.

3.  According to  
Nan Kai University of Technology Study Regulations Article 5, the students should complete the registration procedures (including paying fees) by the required date or would be expelled from school.

4.  If student can't finish the registration procedure because of sickness, business, or other reaseon, please apply to postpone.

5.  The new studnet's infomation or academic certificate or record should be examined. Once the faking, modifying, or cheating is found, the student would be disqualified to enter our school or to enrollment or graduation (present students or graduated students).
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